Intern Innovators: Isonah Marlyse Ngouabe Dlodlo

Spring semester brought Mind Over Machines our second Baltimore Tracks intern. The program is a collaboration with YouthWorks, Code in the Schools, and Pass I.T. On that works to diversify Baltimore’s tech field. Diversity in all its forms (including age!) is critical to innovation because it challenges us to see the world differently, and that…

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How to Build Back Abundantly

I just took a vacation from the dystopian nightmare that is our reality according to most cable news networks and social media. My virtual destination: the Abundance360 Annual Summit. Our host and curator was XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis. Peter says his life mission is “to inspire and guide entrepreneurs to create a hopeful, compelling and…

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Automation & Your Core Competency

The Great Resignation is still raging. SHRM reports an average of almost 4 million people quit their jobs in each month of 2021, far outpacing the previous record holder 2019’s paltry 3.5 million. And the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ preliminary data say we’re looking at another 4.25 million quitters in January 2022.  Business leaders…

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Remote Work Models

Hybrid Work that Works for You

In its latest Future Forum Pulse, Slack proclaims the Remote vs. Office debate is over. The Winner? Both! The international survey found 58% of knowledge workers are in hybrid work arrangements. This surprises exactly no one. If you give 21st-century humans a choice, they’re always going to pick Both/And. More options, more flexibility. And in…

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Data Science versus Analyst

Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist: Which do you need?

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020 ranks “data analysts and scientists” #1 for growing job demand, but the two roles are NOT interchangeable. Even before global pandemic struck, companies were struggling to make their data work for them. Now, thanks to the Great Reshuffle, your data analytics team (if you were fortunate…

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