Adoption Coaching

Enterprise software projects can fail if you neglect to inform and involve the people impacted. That's why a people-first approach to technology is critical. We give you the tools to roll out a successful technology adoption. Our methodology includes coaching, training, and proven adoption frameworks, so everyone involved understands the why and how of software implementation. This enables you to have more championing and less frustration from day one.

Adoption Coaching

In the plan-implement-assess tech project cycle, adoption has garnered a bad rap as the #1 stumbling block. There are 3 main reasons enterprise struggles with tech adoption. We’ve thought a lot about them and developed strategies to overcome humanity’s change-averse nature.

Change management is a big part of adoption coaching. We will help you assemble a team to plan, manage and reinforce the change at the heart of your digital transformation. These people become the face of your project; they humanize the new tech. Together, we will work the steps:
1. Establish a shared vision.
2. Develop technology that fits the way your people work.
3. Train & encourage users to take ownership of the new system.

Check out our Tech Platform Architecture: A Human-Centric Approach white paper for additional adoption strategies and a case study on people-first replatforming.

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