Power Automate

Not every process needs custom artificial intelligence and automation. Tools like Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) let your team connect backend systems through publicly available APIs.

Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) offers low-code, no-code workflow automation for everyone, from end users to IT gurus. You set up a trigger event to initiate a sequence of automated actions. It can be simple chain reactions or more complex business logic that rises to the level of intelligent automation.

Since Microsoft knows a thing or two about how we work, Power Automate offers thousands of pre-built business process templates. Just grab one and customize. It also makes back-end integration a snap with hundreds of connectors to all your favorite apps. If you can use MS Office, you can build and delegate basic daily tasks to a Power Automate-driven digital twin.

We’re happy to show you the ropes of this powerful automation tool, conduct training for your team, or help you tackle more complicated interdepartmental or company-wide implementations.

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