Data Estate Architecture

Data is the raw fuel, the crude oil, of the digital economy. It powers your decision making, corporate strategy and innovation. You may have to live in your data, but no one wants to live in a silo, or even a warehouse. No. You want to live on a Data Estate. Together, we’ll design, build and maintain the demesne of your dreams.

Does your data feel more like a run-down shack than an estate? No matter what shape your data is in right now, our data analytics and cloud platform specialists are ready to define it, source it, and map it to your business goals. We’ll architect the right data infrastructure to meet your needs.

Your Data Estate is your enterprise data platform in its entirety. Regardless of where your data currently lives, we will work with you to design a hybrid cloud solution that leverages the best of both worlds (on-premise and cloud). We will also help you select the proper data structure system for your data based on what it is and how it is used.

Mind Over Machines data estate construction is transparent, agile and iterative. We work to understand your data requirements before architecting each component. We will migrate or build data structures as needed and integrate seamlessly. This includes planning ETL processes to consume data from various source systems, creating data warehouse storage to house centralized data, data modeling and designing analysis cubes to prepare data for use by your selected BI tools.

Whether you need a complete data estate overhaul or just want to dip your toe in the business intelligence waters, we can help. Our Unlocking Your Intelligence case study is an excellent example of how we meet clients where they are and take them where they need to go.

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