Align Technology with Business Objectives

The current technology landscape can be overwhelming. With our thirty years of proven experience in successful digital transformation efforts, Mind Over Machines knows what it takes to get it done the right way. We can help you get the right people and processes in place to align your technology to your business goals.

Put our Minds on it:

Don't know where you to take your business next? Concerned about potential market disruptions? Presenting to your board? Don't be bogged down in planning for months. We can partner with you to quickly create your technology strategy at the application or enterprise level. Avoid common pitfalls and create a plan for maximum impact on your business objectives.


Technology Roadmap

Roadmaps come in different shapes and sizes. We create roadmaps at the enterprise level or application level to provide board-ready or department-ready content and visualizations. We can facilitate a dialogue about your existing tech platforms to prioritize and rank them to guide and provide the most impact to your business. We have the experience and skills to address any legacy applications and emerging technologies that need to be tackled. Our systematic approach to technology roadmaps means that digital transformation is organized and planned to implement correctly and quickly, the first time around.

Process Re-engineering

Every business can benefit from refreshing their processes. Whether it's reporting, accounting, or how your team uses your CRM, there are many ways to streamline your business, making it more efficient and your humans happier. We take a consultative approach to business process re-engineering and help you shake out inefficiencies, so you can focus on the activities that will take your business to the next level.

Adoption Coaching

Enterprise software projects can fail if you neglect to inform and involve the people impacted. That's why a people-first approach to technology is critical. We give you the tools to roll out a successful technology adoption. Our methodology includes coaching, training, and proven adoption frameworks, so everyone involved understands the why and how of software implementation. This enables you to have more championing and less frustration from day one.


Project Life Cycle Approach

We apply our experience and proven methodology to achieve our clients' objectives. Our Life Cycle approach provides a systematic and controlled process that delivers predictable, consistent, and positive benefits for our clients.


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