Cloud Applications

Businesses are moving to the cloud, and we can get you there with the right-size cloud build. Increase speed to innovation and reduce operational costs by leveraging Platform as a Service capabilities. We turn your applications into cloud-enabled tools through application development for technology modernization.

It’s time to get you out of the infrastructure hosting and software development/maintenance/upgrading game. Well, you know, unless it’s your core competency. But for most companies, tech platforms and software applications are just a means to an end. (That end being successful business operations.)

Gartner says cloud adoption is now mainstream, and the public cloud services market continues to grow like crazy. It makes sense. The cloud makes your apps more accessible, scalable and evolvable (Yes, that’s a word!), while it saves you money on capital costs, infrastructure and maintenance. But you have to know how to do it right. That’s where we come in.

Mind Over Machines can architect the right-sized, hybrid cloud solution that works best for you. We will modernize and move your most valuable apps to the cloud, find ready-made cloud apps to fill your unmet needs, and help you think through the data governance issues inherent in our democratized cloud world.

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