Amanda Milo’s Flagship Product is Empathy

Amanda Milo listens to people and then fixes their problems. If it weren’t for a slight case of trypanophobia and a little too much empathy, she’d be Dr. Milo. We here at Mind Over Machines are glad Amanda is afraid of needles and overly identifies with people in need because now, instead of hustling down…

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People and Project Success

When Your People Succeed, Projects Succeed

You’ve already got the dread. You have your eye on an enterprise application that seems perfect for your business, but the internet is screaming at you: 101 Reasons CRM Projects Fail!427% of ERP Projects Fail!Abandon hope all ye who enter here! Yes, the digital transformation failure rate is still hanging tough at 70%, and there…

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Automation and Project Management

Automation for Efficiency Junkies (Read: Project Managers)

I’m a project manager who disdains repetitive, manual processes. If there’s a way to do something more efficiently, I’m going to find it. That drive hardly makes me unique in my field. Global staffing firm Robert Half says a project manager “focuses on completing a project as efficiently and promptly as possible.” Many of us…

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4 Ways to Automate Using Your Existing CRM

Automation should make your users’ lives easier and your company more efficient. Hey, wait a minute. That’s what CRMs are supposed to do too. No wonder the two make a great pair. But to unleash their synergy, you may need to broaden your conception of both: Automation is a mindset. When organizations are in a…

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Intern Innovators: Ja’von Gill

Each summer, Mind Over Machines offers internships to stand-out candidates from throughout the Mid-Atlantic. This year, thanks to a uniquely Baltimore partnership between Baltimore City Schools, YouthWorks, Code in the Schools, Pass I.T. On, and Baltimore Tracks, we hosted our youngest-ever intern. And we’re here to tell you: The kids are way better than alright.…

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New tech exec

New Tech Exec Priority #1: Un-Busy Your Team

The Silver Tsunami and the Great Resignation have spelled serious upheaval for the workforce lately. 2020 saw a major increase in the number of Baby Boomers retiring. Then, in April, almost 4 million people quit their jobs. That’s a 2.7% national quit rate, the highest since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking it. These…

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