WAE is a framework that lifts the global workforce to fulfill human potential with a human-centered approach to automation.

The WAE Framework includes
a proprietary four-phase approach, a set of guiding principles, and a set of specific activities
to guide organizations through their journey.

don't risk
losing your most
valuable asset...

Today, our “always-on” lifestyles, hyper-connectivity,
and legacy work mindsets have buried humans in data
and burdened us in tasks. Under this weight of mundane
work and faster business cycle, businesses are losing
their most valuable asset to technology..

Slide Intro humans technology WAE your = + the principles Slide 1 - humans Humans are brimming
with potential.
Every human has untapped potential
and that potential needs to be nurtured.
People know what they can
offer better than managers.
A person knows their potential better
than any manager or executive.
Empathy is at the core
of human potential.
Human potential cannot be achieved without
empathy for the people doing the work and
consuming the work product.
Humanity is more powerful
than technology.
Your humanity is more capable of creating
lasting change than any technology.
humans technology WAE your = + the principles
Slide 2 - technology Technology unleashes
that potential.
Technology can remove the barriers
that hold back human potential.
Technology is a collaborator,
not just a tool.
Technology is a partner in work, not
something used but something worked
with to achieve an outcome.
Innovation comes from
the people doing the work.
Real innovation comes from the front lines
of work, not the executive offices.
humans technology WAE your = + the principles
Slide 3 - your WAE Measure what matters. If it is worth your time to do it,
measure your impact from it.
Storytelling connects us. People connect, learn and grow with
shared experiences and stories. Storytelling
is central to growing the humanity in any
group of people.
Make sure everyone
knows what matters.
Ensure everyone knows what matters so
that everyone drives forward in the same
direction to achieve their potential.
humans technology WAE your = + the principles

The WAE framework is activated through a proprietary
four phase approach that focuses on people, tasks, and processes.

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