Mind Over Machines is a data and software consultancy that helps business leaders achieve exceptional results with a human-centric, partnered approach to complex business technology problems. Our mission is to provide solutions to enrich lives by helping the world work smarter.


  • 30-Year History with an Excellent Reputation
  • Mature Processes Focused on Outcome
  • Vendor-Agnostic Consulting
  • Consistent Leadership and Partnership Culture
  • Bright, Business-Savvy Staff
  • Long-term Client Relationships

We help you work smarter, avoid disruption, and navigate traditional and emerging technologies.


We are motivated by a desire to deliver upon what is promised for each of our client relationships. This, coupled with our unique approach to complex technology projects is why we have so many repeat clients.


Whether you have already contacted a vendor and they have under-delivered, or you are beginning your search for new softwares, at Mind Over Machines, we welcome a call to discuss how we can address your specific business needs.

Maybe you aren’t even sure what exactly needs to be solved, you just know that your business operations/process could be much better. We can help! We fit in where you need us on your journey. We specialize in working with companies to learn their systems and offer innovative and comprehensive ways to streamline their business processes and/or operations.

Our MINDs have helped...