Vendor-Agnostic Enterprise Software Solutions

Looking for powerful collaboration and productivity in your workplace? These days you can find a commercial software application for just about every business situation. Put our 30 years of experience to work finding these solutions for you. We align the needs of your workforce with the appropriate technology to achieve your business objectives.

Put our Minds on it:

Mind Over Machines is proudly not beholden to any technology provider. We’ll help clarify your needs and identify your best choice for the near and long term. We know how to map your needs against leading vendor offerings. We’ll give you our detailed analysis and provide a sound roadmap for integrating the winning technology solution with the rest of your information systems.


CRM and AMS Solutions

Market-leading CRM and AMS solutions see themselves as enterprise development platforms. Platforms like Salesforce and Dynamics 365 offer compelling solutions—easily configured and rapidly delivered—to organizations seeking powerful collaboration, automation, and productivity. But not every platform is the right fit. We cut through the clutter to identify and implement the correct solution for your business needs.

Cloud Apps

Businesses are moving to the cloud and we can get you there with the right size cloud build. Increase speed to innovation and reduce operational costs by leveraging Platform as a Service capabilities. We turn your applications into cloud-enabled tools through application development for technology modernization.

Legacy Applications Support

We help you support today’s needs, so you can plan better for tomorrow’s. The longer you wait to address your legacy software issues, the more your enterprise will suffer, and the more it will cost to get current. While we thrive with current and emerging technologies, we remember how older systems and languages work. Indeed, for some of our clients, we are upgrading our own legacy code. We understand how you got here and why you need to keep that mission-critical application running. We’ll shore up its weaknesses and link it to your other systems, extending its life and value.


Project Life Cycle Approach

We apply our experience and proven methodology to achieve our clients' objectives. Our Life Cycle approach provides a systematic and controlled process that delivers predictable, consistent, and positive benefits for our clients.

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