Automation Readiness Assessment

Not sure where to begin? Not sure if your business processes are suitable for automation? We know the easiest, most efficient way to start the automation journey. Identifying and documenting processes can be a laborious task. We are here to be your partner through automation readiness assessments that identify processes most suitable for automation.

You know automation saves time, boosts productivity and increases accuracy. But how do you automate? The better first question is: What do you automate?

Like any major initiative, it’s good to start small with quick wins, lessons learned and capacity built. We can help you identify your most automation-ready processes: the ones that are stable, completely digital, and involve a smaller number of applications. After successful pilot projects, we work together to select processes that, when automated, will lead to your highest ROI.

Evaluating business processes can be difficult, especially for an internal team too close to the situation to view it objectively. We have consultants who specialize in identifying and documenting processes. Process optimization is often an inherent benefit of automation. Our goal is to design automated processes that enhance and augment your human work force.

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