Reporting & Intelligent Insights

By creating robust data models and accompanying visualizations of your data, you can unlock actionable insights to gain a competitive market advantage and increase long-term stability. We create personalized and branded reports and dashboards that speak your data language.

A report should be a timely tool, not a time suck. Tedious, manual processes can mean you spend more time gathering and formatting data than reading and reacting to it. Worse yet, those static reports are outdated snapshots that provide only the information you know you need. What about the insights waiting to be found?

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and put business intelligence to work for you. We analyze your processes and systems, integrate sources, normalize data, and help you standardize your organization’s data vocabulary to develop data visualizations and dashboards that work for your whole team.

Mind Over Machines designs BI platforms that are robust and customizable, so different users don’t have to sift through mountains of data to find the insights that matter to them. Then, we can show you how to turn those insights into compelling data stories that enlighten, inspire and move your company forward.

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