Replatforming & Redevelopment

When custom IS the right choice, we balance saving what we can with leveraging the power of modern tools. We don’t want to rebuild for rebuilding’s sake. We DO want to set you up for long-term success with the power and flexibility afforded by today’s modern technology stack.

Custom Software Development

Legacy platform problems are insidious because they creep in and build up over time until they reach a critical mass. That’s when you find yourself yelling, “Why doesn’t ANYthing work the way I need it to?!” We call this the evolution of substandard systems. Our CEO Tom Loveland explains how it happens and our approach to fixing it.

Replatforming and/or redevelopment look a lot different today than they did just 5 years ago. That’s because in the age-old Build or Buy debate, we’ve reached the Golden Age of Buy. Our MINDs and their expansive knowledge of today’s XaaS offerings can probably save you a lot of time and money on custom builds by instead finding the right ready-made solutions for you and tailoring the integration. The goal is to transform your old, proprietary system into a standards-compliant environment that plays nicely with the cloud-based tools of today and tomorrow.

This Replatforming With & For The People case study walks you through how we worked with end users to develop and migrate to a customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Our human-centric approach moves you from not being able to imagine life without your legacy system to decommissioned dinosaur and full adoption of your new platform.

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