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  • Data By The Book

    5 minute read Big data, with all of its vastness and mystery – and confusion – is actually a remarkably straightforward concept: store everything for later analysis. Because once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. The end. Ok…so there’s more to the big data story. And while the term big data is both overexposed…Read More >>

  • Technology Change Reaps Rewards

    2 minute read Technology enables change, and change drives success. We measure success in terms of change: increases, decreases, percentages, growth and trends. But how do we define change? Transformation? Innovation? Conversion? Shift? Transition?Read More >>

  • SOA Long and Thanks For All The Fiche

    5 minute read What’s the best approach for transitioning from physical records (paper and microfiche) to digital records for your organization? Should you just rip the bandage off and have it done all at once? Or should you build capacity into your systems, in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) fashion, to transition incrementally, over a longer period…Read More >>

  • Mashing, Mixing and Maximizing Data

    3 minute read Data is a game changer. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day – and the data comes in all shapes and sizes.  Long gone is the notion that data is just for reporting, or collecting. Mix some innovative understanding of data with some good old-fashioned diligence, and voila – you’ve…Read More >>

  • Making the Case for a Strategic Technology Plan

    2 minute read Would a general go into battle without a defined plan? Never. Neither would he consider each operation individually. Rather, he would pursue tactics that link all of the battles together to meet a strategically defined goal of winning the war. It would be a plan against which he could measure success and…Read More >>

  • Mining for Gold in Your Data

    3 minute read Infotech research giant Gartner defines data mining as the process of discovering meaningful correlations, patterns and trends by sifting through large amounts of data stored in repositories. In short: “There’s gold in them hills!”Read More >>

  • For Safety’s Sake, Store Your Data in the Cloud

    2 minute read Of great concern to most organizations is data protection and security. Yet, according to an Aberdeen Group Benchmark Report, more than 44 percent of companies with 100 to 1,000 employees do not have a disaster recovery strategy in place. Even companies that have a formal plan may not have the degree of…Read More >>

  • What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

    2 minute read Big data is big business. Trillions of bytes of information are generated everyday by businesses large and small. And right in the middle of the big data picture are consumers as they browse, shop, share and communicate both online and offline.Read More >>

  • Enterprise Mobility – Doing It Better

    1 minute read “To better the world through information technology.” We take our mission seriously, especially when it comes to making our client’s world better. But what exactly does “better” mean? Working smarter? Faster? More efficiently? Expanding sales opportunities? The best technology strategy can only be developed once objectives are clearly understood.Read More >>

  • Legacy systems?

    1 minute read The adage “Everything old is new again” may apply to fashion or even music, but for business owners saddled with outdated information technology systems, there’s nothing charming about a “retro,”  or legacy, IT system.  The truth is, legacy systems can slow business down and wrest away any sense of control in managing…Read More >>

  • You know it’s time to hire a technology partner when…

    1 minute read The Tell-Tale Signs — a Top 10 See anything familiar?Read More >>

  • Mind Over Machines

    3 minute read A Tutorial Technology folks are used to blank stares when they talk about their work. But we’ve had a number of friends confess they’re not quite sure just what Mind Over Machines does. The short version: We develop game-changing technology systems. A more in depth primer. We’re a consulting and technology services…Read More >>