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  • Protecting the Fortress

    [toggle title=”Enterprise Security – Part 1 of 2″]The first of a two-part series discussing enterprise security reviews major tactics employed today, cautions about limitations, and highlights the data that can be collected from each. In Part 2, we’ll lay out strategies for using that data – in new ways – to achieve high-level enterprise security. [/toggle]…Read More >>

  • The Fundamental Techie

    2 minute reader It’s a seller’s market when it comes to top IT talent. As enterprise technology has quickly occupied a larger and larger piece of the organizational asset pie, the technology recruiting scene has become more and more competitive. The Society for Human Resource Management released survey results last year that confirmed what we…Read More >>

  • The Technical Debt Trap

    5 minute read Back then – it was just what you needed. You built a good looking website to front your business, and customers used it like the Yellow Pages. It was your online corporate brochure. But what was cutting edge just a few years ago is now common, and may convey the wrong message…Read More >>

  • Delivering Technology Projects

    ThomasNet News Tech Trends Journal writer Faye Rivkin interviewed Mind Over Machines IT solutions expert Michael Askin for best practices on delivering high value manufacturing-related technology projects. The following article is reprinted here with permission from ThomasNet News Tech Trends Journal and with gratitude from Mind Over Machines. Upgrading capabilities and re-engineering to align capabilities to…Read More >>

  • Geek Speak

    14 minute read Jody Giles is the Chief Information Officer at Under Armour and Loyola University of Maryland Sellinger School of Business Lattanze Executive of the Year for 2013. Jody has made his mark as a strong leader who instinctively understands the specific ways that technology supports business goals, and he has a contagious excitement…Read More >>

  • Making Music

    7 minute read I didn’t know if I should try to look cool when I sat down across from Paul Reed Smith. He’s the CEO of PRS Guitars, a fine mark of craftsmanship and innovation based right across the Bay Bridge from Annapolis on the eastern side of the Chesapeake. I knew that Paul’s business…Read More >>

  • Rethinking Processes

    8 minute read General Motors is a new company. That’s right—the old, hulking (and recently bankrupt) giant of American industry has the DNA of a startup. That fact wasn’t clear to me until recently, when I sat down with Plant Manager Bill Tiger and Lead Human Resource/Labor Relations Manager John Raut at GM Baltimore Operations,…Read More >>

  • Baltimore SmartCEO 2013 VOLTAGE Awards Announced

    4 minute read Baltimore, MD (May 10, 2013) — Baltimore SmartCEO and Title Sponsor Comcast Business announced today the 2013 VOLTAGE Award honorees. The VOLTAGE Awards program celebrates the role that technology plays in the business community and the future impact the technology sector will have on economic growth. The 2013 VOLTAGE award finalists collectively…Read More >>

  • Dot Your “I”s and Cross Your “T”s

    3 minute read How can you ensure control over your software development project? Selecting a qualified IT vendor is only the first of many critical steps to take to protect your substantial investment and ensure a successful project.Read More >>

  • Key to Prosperity

    14 minute read In late January 2013, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a whopping $350 million donation to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, pushing his total gifts to the institution over $1 billion. It’s an astounding sum, given out of profound conviction and commitment to the work Hopkins does.Read More >>

  • Reminder: Your Technology Assessment is Overdue

    9 minute read How do you keep up with changes in your market? In lean times, you’ll likely pore over your budgets, evaluate your most important assets, and trim the fat here and there. And then when the big picture gets a little brighter, you’ll fatten up again. But is that preparation or is that…Read More >>

  • Sweet Innovation

    9 minute read Stu FitzGibbon is about to mark twenty-five years at Domino Sugars in Baltimore. As refinery manager, he’s seen automation accelerate over the decades and continue to this day. But while some see technology and global economic forces pushing American manufacturing into the past, FitzGibbon is busy encouraging innovation by empowering people in…Read More >>