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  • Key to Prosperity

    14 minute read In late January 2013, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a whopping $350 million donation to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, pushing his total gifts to the institution over $1 billion. It’s an astounding sum, given out of profound conviction and commitment to the work Hopkins does.Read More >>

  • Reminder: Your Technology Assessment is Overdue

    9 minute read How do you keep up with changes in your market? In lean times, you’ll likely pore over your budgets, evaluate your most important assets, and trim the fat here and there. And then when the big picture gets a little brighter, you’ll fatten up again. But is that preparation or is that…Read More >>

  • Sweet Innovation

    9 minute read Stu FitzGibbon is about to mark twenty-five years at Domino Sugars in Baltimore. As refinery manager, he’s seen automation accelerate over the decades and continue to this day. But while some see technology and global economic forces pushing American manufacturing into the past, FitzGibbon is busy encouraging innovation by empowering people in…Read More >>

  • Who’s in Charge of Your Data?

    4 minute read Data is not just for collecting and reporting; and if treated as a strategic asset, data can produce some game-changing business results. But who pilots the enterprise’s data strategy in order to fulfill its business objectives?Read More >>

  • Mind Over Machines and The Seva Group Announce Merger

    5 minute read BALTIMORE, MD – December 20, 2012 – Mind Over Machines, Inc., a Maryland-based provider of consulting and information technology services to commercial and government clients, and The Seva Group, a provider of technology services to commercial and government clients, executed a purchase agreement yesterday whereby Mind Over Machines acquired the assets of…Read More >>

  • Why You Should Invest In Keeping Attackers Out

    9 minute read Cybersecurity isn’t a line item or a project—it’s an Information Age imperative. Sophisticated digital defense aims to match the human body, with hardware and software doing digitally what biology does chemically—sorting the pernicious from the beneficial, while keeping systems running at light speed.Read More >>

  • Pushing the Enterprise: Mobility Breaks Barriers With BYOD

    4 minute read “Hey!  Hey, you!  I need you to build us an iPhone app,” the CIO yelled out of his office at no one in particular.Read More >>

  • Take a Little Bite Out of Big Data

    6 minute read Everyone’s talking about Big Data. (And I mean everyone.) People want it, need it, think they need it, aren’t sure if they need it and, in some cases, already have it and aren’t sure what to do with it. Let’s break down Big Data and gain a little more perspective around the…Read More >>

  • Are You Ready for the Cloud?

    7 minute read Now that most in the business world have some level of awareness about “the cloud” and its benefits, there seems to be an explosion of hype, panic, and confusion. Who’s moved to the cloud? How did they do it? Should we do it? Will we lose our competitive edge if we don’t…Read More >>

  • Inside the Mind of the CIO

    3 minute read Demonstrating value can often be synonymous with “mission impossible” for many business units, with the obvious exception of the sales team or any team whose primary function is to generate revenue. Demonstrating the value (not to mention value-add) of a stellar IT department is even more challenging, as IT has long functioned…Read More >>

  • The High Price of Selecting the Wrong IT Partner

    7 minute read Every big IT project is intimidating. Organizations outsource these to an IT partner because they don’t have (or necessarily need) in-house expertise in specialty areas such as user experience design, enterprise information systems, software development, legacy systems management, cloud computing, and/or anything big data!Read More >>

  • Modernizing Legacy Systems

    How do you know when it’s time to buy a new car? From a purely economic standpoint, the answer is simple: when the cost of maintaining your old vehicle becomes prohibitive. The same holds true for your legacy IT system.Read More >>