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  • Whose Cloud Is It Anyway?

    4 minute read There are hundreds of definitions of what the cloud is, but at its most basic, cloud computing is about the ability to enhance enterprise value through more efficient use of IT resources.  As with any other IT solution, the first major step when considering a cloud-based solution is to understand the value…Read More >>

  • When It’s Sink or Swim

    4 minute read The project was 90% there – but somehow still had 90% to go.Read More >>

  • Growing Pains

    3 minute read The good news: The online education company was revolutionizing the industry and growing like gangbusters, providing a virtual education experience to thousands of students across the country.Read More >>

  • Let Them Eat KPI

    5 minute read The spotlight on IT in the healthcare industry has never been more blinding. Healthcare reform (e.g., Meaningful Use, ICD-10 conversion) has mandated IT investment in the name of improved clinical/quality outcomes, reduced medical errors and standardized care. Even without these reforms, however, the increasing role of IT in positively impacting the cost…Read More >>

  • The Race To Enterprise Mobile Apps

    6 minute read “We need a mobile app” has become a standard discussion starter in the software application development conversation. The high-speed growth of mobile device usage – and usefulness – in the workforce has delivered some impressive workplace efficiencies, cost- savings, and improved employee satisfaction rates – just to name a few benefits.Read More >>

  • How Skynet Could Terminate an Enterprise Zombie Apocalypse

    [toggle title=”Enterprise Security – Part 2 of 2″]Learn how big data, machine learning, business intelligence, and holistic security profiling help make enterprise security an affordable reality – and of course, help ward off the zombies.[/toggle] “I’ll be back.” ~ The Terminator Part 1 of this series on enterprise security explored 6 IT tools and tactics that…Read More >>

  • On Guard!

    4 minute read “In this business, by the time you realize you’re in trouble, it’s too late to save yourself. Unless you’re running scared all the time, you’re gone.” ~Bill Gates Relentless hackers infect millions of personal records by exploiting a tiny hole in the protective wall surrounding the Internet. A mid-level analyst, frustrated that…Read More >>

  • Welcome to the Cloud Neighborhood

    5 minute read Your system is mission critical. It has hundreds, thousands, or even millions of daily users and it must continue to perform its functions no matter what. But it’s now 10-15 years old, and though it has served its purpose faithfully and is still a solid performer, the time has come to plan…Read More >>

  • Razing a Legacy System

    5 minute read “Decommission the legacy system” is one issue that never seems to get priority on the agenda.  Month after month, this major decision sits in the old business category, dwarfed by the other initiatives. With an excitement factor of zero, and a tenuous link to business goals, the prospect of investing precious IT…Read More >>

  • Visualization Technology Helps Companies See the Future

    7 minute read When was the last time you visualized your company’s operations? I’m not talking about a spreadsheet or a slide deck, or a new arrangement of chairs. Have you taken a few hours recently to sit back, think out loud, and try to form a picture of how your business might look in…Read More >>

  • Dunbar Armored COO Offers Top 5 Cyber Security Tips

    5 minute read The Dunbar armored car company is a titan of the trust industry. Family-owned for ninety years, Dunbar is best known for protecting and transporting cash in reinforced, guarded trucks.Read More >>

  • How Hopkins’ CIO Built a Collaborative IT Culture

    5 minute read Stephanie Reel had what some may categorize as an insurmountable challenge — pull some of the best doctors in the world away from their hectic schedules to chat about IT. Tapping her penchant for innovative thinking, Reel, CIO for all divisions of the Johns Hopkins University and Health System, guessed that maybe…Read More >>