Inject Intelligence into Your Reporting

Bad News: Businesses are drowning in distributed data. There’s so much to know and – thanks to cloud computing and IoT – it’s so far-flung that a data warehouse could never contain it and static reporting could never convey it. Good News: There are now more tech tools and capabilities than ever before to save our data-saturated souls. Artificial intelligence (AI) is teaming up with business intelligence (BI) to help people manage and effectively use all the data at our disposal.

Integration in the Real World

Integration is the elephant in the room these days. As Gartner predicted way back in 2012, it’s consuming more resources than ever before because it’s more necessary than ever before. The explosion of cloud-enabled SaaS products means most companies are spending more on integration than development.

Facilitating a Smart City That Serves People, Not Tech

The City of Baltimore has plans, big plans, digital transformation plans. That’s why they reached out to MOXIE Promotion’s Laura Gaworecki to work her Waterfront Tech Series magic. Laura’s vision for Episode 7: Smart City was a panel discussion to educate people about smart cities and build awareness of Baltimore’s progress toward becoming one. She asked our VP of Innovation and Strategy Tim Kulp to moderate the panel.

Putting Process Before Platform

Your processes give people direction. They orchestrate daily activities. Without them, workers would just flail away hoping for a win. Think of business processes as channels for your work force. No, not your “workforce” like the generic term for your stable of employees. We’re talking about your Work Force, the people power and energy your company runs on. The raw potential, vigor and vital impetus humans bring to their work every day. Your processes should direct that energy along the most effective paths to achieving company goals.

Engagement as a Productivity Indicator

The Richmond Fed invited us to take part in an industry round-table to present on technology trends impacting the economy. “When we call on Tom and [VP of Innovation & Strategy] Tim Kulp, we know we aren’t going to get program code and industry jargon,” says Vice President and Regional Executive Andy Bauer. “Mind Over Machines helps us understand the latest in technology and how it is being used to transform the way businesses operate as well as the opportunities and challenges of technological change for the workforce.”

Navigating the Power Shift with AI, Sales, and Customer Relationships

Over the years, sales has lost a lot of its control over the sales cycle, especially with the advent of internet, cloud, social, and mobile technologies — in both good and challenging ways. Now buyers are in far more control of their own “buying journey,” no longer hostage to a company’s sales processes. They are able to find pricing online. They can compare competitive products and services with ease. And they can see who else is using your product and read real-time reviews on sites like Gartner Peer Insights.

Augmented Humans Are the Future of the Workplace

Artificial intelligence capabilities are advancing so quickly that AI is now universally relevant to C-level executives across all industries. And that’s exactly who was in attendance Tuesday morning. “We knew Tim would be able to illuminate this hot-button topic for our partners by making it accessible and human-centric,” explains PSA Marketing Coordinator Lindsay Schneider.

ROI Revealed: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Delivers $16.97 for Every Dollar Spent

In keynotes and sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2018, many stories of organizations that are leveraging Dynamics 365 to fundamentally transform the organization to meet the changing expectations of customers were shared. These success stories are compelling, however it begs the question: “what’s the true return on investment (ROI) for an average Dynamics 365 deployment?” Thanks to an independent analysis from Nucleus Research, we can reveal the answer: