Mentoring Young Professionals Through Pandemic 

Our professional lives look a lot different than they did 6 months ago. Mid-career disruption is certainly challenging, but imagine global pandemic disrupting your career before it even gets off the ground. College students and recent graduates all across the country are grappling with exactly that reality. No more job fairs. Summer internships either canceled or moved online. It’s hard enough to compete in a contracting job market, and now young professionals must sell themselves via Zoom interviews.  

Strategic Technology Partner Selection

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, how do you find and implement the best technologies to support and grow your business? Strategic IT partnership is the most flexible, cost-effective way to harness new tech’s growth potential.  Today’s successful IT projects must meet current and future needs. They should have the ability to scale up capacity and complexity as your business grows and evolves, but don’t stop there.


Citizen Developers Solve Problems & Streamline Processes: Low-Code/No-Code Systems

Could your new superstar software developer already be on payroll? The cloud-enabled, low-code/no-code platforms your business uses every day make it increasingly likely. People are natural problem solvers. They know the kinks in their workflows, the inefficiencies in their processes. Most of your employees may not know how to write code, but if you give them intuitive, visual process-driven development tools, they will put them to work. It will be a boon to your business, but only if you make the necessary investment.

The Perpetual Pivot: Getting Comfortable with Crisis

The World Trade Center Institute is doing its part to keep us virtually connected through a series of webinars exploring the impact of COVID-19 and how our global business community can emerge stronger. To tackle the topic of disruption, series organizer Lydia Yodie turned to an industry that has some experience with it: the tech sector.   Serving as moderator, Mind Over Machines VP of Innovation…

Remote Work Models

Remote Work: 4 Tech Models

COVID-19 has launched us into the world’s largest work-from-home experiment, one nobody had much time to prepare for. While knowledge workers struggle to develop new time-management, boundary-setting and transition rituals, tech leaders at the helm of knowledge-driven companies are trying to find the best ways to enable remote work. Our VP of Innovation & Strategy,…

Technology to Make us More Human

Does the technology your company runs on adequately support your people? How can you tell? If your tech platform needs to be reinforced, where do you start? This white paper provides a people-first roadmap toward solid business technology that works as hard as you do. After reading it, you will have the formula for how to create, care for and feed your human-centric technology platform.