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Recently, our resident bot and human expert, Tim Kulp, sat down for a webinar with ACT-IAC on Customer Experience: Chatbots, AI, and the Future of CX led by Tom Adams of NewWave.

Kulp was joined by, Corey Wagner, Deputy Chief Customer Experience for the Environmental Protection Agency and they both shared their thoughts on how artificial intelligence is evolving customer experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • The practical application of AI in business is disruptive but can have a positive impact. We are far beyond human to human interaction and people are growing accustomed to working with machines (self-checkout, chatbots, etc.). But now, more than ever, people are looking for human connection.


  • AI does not replace human interaction. The World Economic Forum predicts 60% of human work can be automated, but that still leaves 40% for the humans. More jobs will be created than displaced by automation if we handle redeployment and skill transitions correctly.


  • Chatbots can improve customer experience. They can help connect humans to other humans quicker and ease the flow of communication. Chatbots can take the volume and sort out where a human needs to be involved quicker than a human would be able to get through the information.


  • AI can enable nonverbal people to communicate with natural language. It can also support interactions with people of differing abilities, which can open new ways for people and customers to engage with your brand.


  • Delivering customer experience improvements through artificial intelligence ultimately needs to be enhancing the “humanness of the product.”


  • Artificial intelligence = rocket fuel for creatives! Chatbots will need to have a personality that matches your brand. They are, as Kulp says, “the character of your brand.”

Watch the Webinar

View this free webinar from ACT-IAC for the deep dive!

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