The WAE to Human Centric Automation

The WAE to Human-Centric Automation

It’s been a whole year, and we’re still in the throes of double disruption: global pandemic and recession. Both forces catapulting us into a brave, new automated world. And now we have the data to prove it. Millions of jobs are gone, and they’re probably not coming back, screams The Washington Post.   Anxious employees and employers alike all want to know, “What is…

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Transparent Partnership

Getting Real with Transparent Partnership

Twice a year, the entire Mind Over Machines team gathers to discuss the state of our union. We call these biannual summits our AllMINDs meetings. At the most recent one, I spoke about the importance of transparency, one of our organizational pillars. These 3 concepts are central to who we are: Transparent, Human-Centric, Data-Informed. So,…

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Intern Innovators: Antoine Kadouno

Each summer, Mind Over Machines offers paid internships to stand-out candidates from throughout the Mid-Atlantic. This year, our investment was richly rewarded. Three innovative young professionals brought us new perspectives, diligent work ethics, and a zest for learning. Each is a much-appreciated breath of fresh air in these insulated COVID times. We’ve so enjoyed getting…

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Automation Puts the Human Back in Human Resources

Every top-level executive will tell you people are their organization’s greatest asset. The human resources profession was created to find, engage and retain that #1 asset. HR is supposed to advocate for people. It seems counterintuitive, but computers can make your workplace more human, and it starts with automating certain HR processes.

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Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling Inspires Action

Data storytelling is the most powerful tool your organization has to motivate your team into acting on business intelligence (BI). But data storytelling isn’t just charts and graphs. It’s much more than clear, concise data visualizations. So, how do you tell a compelling data story that inspires action and elicits change? I’m so glad you asked!

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Core Values in the Workplace

Blog Roundup: Core Values in the Workplace

It’s the week of Thanksgiving—and teams across the country are starting to slow down and think Turkey! Thanksgiving brings a time of reflection and an opportunity to exercise your gratitude mindset. At Mind Over Machines, we are grateful to have CEO and Founder, Tom Loveland at the helm, because he values and champions innovative workplace…

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