The Perpetual Pivot: Getting Comfortable with Crisis

The World Trade Center Institute is doing its part to keep us virtually connected through a series of webinars exploring the impact of COVID-19 and how our global business community can emerge stronger. To tackle the topic of disruption, series organizer Lydia Yodie turned to an industry that has some experience with it: the tech sector.   Serving as moderator, Mind Over Machines VP of Innovation…

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Core Values in the Workplace

Blog Roundup: Core Values in the Workplace

It’s the week of Thanksgiving—and teams across the country are starting to slow down and think Turkey! Thanksgiving brings a time of reflection and an opportunity to exercise your gratitude mindset. At Mind Over Machines, we are grateful to have CEO and Founder, Tom Loveland at the helm, because he values and champions innovative workplace…

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Change Management

Change Management: Planning for Successful Change

You know organizational change is challenging. I’ll spare you the gloom and doom change management statistics because: (A) The claim that 70% of organizational change initiatives fail has been widely discredited. (B) Constantly harping about how hard change is just becomes “a toxic self-fulfilling prophecy.” Change may not be easy, but it is the one…

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CEO Culture Hacks: Bring Your Brilliance

Even if you’ve recently refreshed your processes to better align with your changing world, if that’s “all” you’ve done, you’re still shortchanging yourself, bypassing potential opportunities for massive breakthroughs. Modern business software offers astounding improvements over yesterday’s systems. Most folks just aren’t aware of all the ways today’s technology can augment and empower employees. We’re talking about systems that can open emails, read them, and do half or more of the work before a human ever gets involved. Business intelligence that can offer insights to enlighten strategy and permit new modes of value creation.

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