Empathy Lab: Visualize the Value of Your Work

I’m baaaack! And I have the 3rd and final installment of our empathy series. If you need to catch up, we started with why Mind Over Machines uses empathy and you should too. Then, I gave you practical tips for practicing empathy in the workplace. Now, it’s time to step into the lab. No, you…

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Empathy 110: Practical Tips for Authentic Connection

Welcome to our second installment of a 3-part series on empathy in business. Last time, we talked about why Mind Over Machines uses empathy and you should too. Now, it’s time to get tactical. I promised easy-to-implement tips for putting empathy to work growing your business. This post delivers 11 techniques for practicing empathy. They…

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Empathy 101: Why We Use It & You Should Too

‘Tis the Season We’re headed into the season of gratitude and giving. The time of year we all work to be a little kinder, a little warmer. We put ourselves in someone else’s shoes to figure out what they really need/want, and then we rush out to get it and wrap it up in a…

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People and Project Success

When Your People Succeed, Projects Succeed

You’ve already got the dread. You have your eye on an enterprise application that seems perfect for your business, but the internet is screaming at you: 101 Reasons CRM Projects Fail!427% of ERP Projects Fail!Abandon hope all ye who enter here! Yes, the digital transformation failure rate is still hanging tough at 70%, and there…

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Core Values in the Workplace

Blog Roundup: Core Values in the Workplace

It’s the week of Thanksgiving—and teams across the country are starting to slow down and think Turkey! Thanksgiving brings a time of reflection and an opportunity to exercise your gratitude mindset. At Mind Over Machines, we are grateful to have CEO and Founder, Tom Loveland at the helm, because he values and champions innovative workplace…

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5 Things Not to Automate

We are Automation Nation. You know McKinsey’s stat: at least 30% to 60% of jobs can be automated with today’s technology. How much of your job have you managed to automate? We’re so proud of saving time and money, working smarter, being uber-efficient. I myself have several digital twins to do the grunt work so…

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