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  • How CRMs Help Nonprofits Serve

    8 minute read We’ve been trying hard lately to convince people that CRMs do more than track customers. They are not the exclusive domain of corporate sales and marketing. That’s why we prefer to call them XRMs, where the X stands for any variable you want to track. But if you’re not a math person,…Read More >>

  • Business Intelligence: Ditch Your Excuses & Assumptions

    8 minute read My journey into business intelligence (BI) began with an IBM commercial about a bakery. Using analytics, the bakery uncovered a customer coping method of sorts: People buy more cakes when it rains. This unexpected insight allowed the shop to better plan its inventory based on the weather forecast. I was fascinated by…Read More >>

  • 6 Lesser-Known Uses for Your CRM

    9 minute read Last week, Mike convinced you to push through your anxieties to find the CRM that works for you. Now you have this perfectly tailored CRM that fits the way you do business. It’s saving you all kinds of time and money and offering fresh new business insights. You use it to track…Read More >>

  • 3 Common CRM Myths: Busted

    7 minute read Poor data quality, outdated systems, broken business processes. These are the top complaints we hear from technology leaders – and every other type of strategic leader, from finance to operations.Read More >>

  • Passing the Azure Exam 70-535 – Tips and Tricks

    6 minute read Prior to 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions, I’d never taken a Microsoft Certification exam, nor did I have much experience with Azure. I was definitely out of my wheelhouse. Then I had a senior architect, who works in Azure daily, tell me it took him three tries to pass. Not the most…Read More >>

  • Reflections of an Enterprising Woman

    4 minute read Carrie Schuckle has been busy since last November. That’s when she assumed her new position here as Chief Delivery Officer (CDO). She was made for the role, or perhaps more accurately, the role was made for her because it blends her nearly 20 years of experience and expertise in software development, consulting…Read More >>

  • Custom Webhooks in .NET with Emma API (Easily test with Postman)

    6 minute read Overview Don’t you hate it when the documentation you’re looking for doesn’t exist? So do we. That’s why our MINDs bit the bullet and created instructions to make your life easier: If you’ve tried to build a custom Webhook in .NET, you‘ve probably noticed the lack of tutorials explaining the process. We…Read More >>

  • HoloLens – Mixed Reality and Fluent Design

    Originally published on MSDN Magazine. Microsoft has been pushing hard at mixed reality (MR) development since it introduced HoloLens in 2014, and at the Build 2018 conference in May, it provided a wealth of great insight into new features in the Unity development environment for MR, as well as UI design best practices. In this…Read More >>

  • AI Cybersecurity Battles Over Breakfast

    5 minute read The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) has our state’s cybersecurity scene covered. As a nonprofit, CAMI’s mission is to strengthen Maryland’s cybersecurity industry by growing the talent pool and connecting business and government with the cybersecurity professionals, products, and services that best meet their needs. Networking is a big part of…Read More >>

  • Meet the New MIND Curating Client Experience

    4 minute read Mind Over Machines has a brand new MIND in a brand new position. Karen Kuhn is a professional problem solver and people pleaser with over 15 years of experience supporting all kinds of companies. Whether she’s working in finance, real estate, food service, engineering or government contracting, Karen keeps people happy by…Read More >>

  • Part 2: Life After Dynamics GP and SL. What Comes Next?

    5 minute read If you haven’t read Part 1 where we discuss why it’s time to start looking for the Dynamics GP/SL off-ramp, please head over and check out that post. (We’ll wait.) If you are venturing on without reading it, well then, good on you for being so decisive!Read More >>

  • Part 1: The Future of Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL (or lack thereof)

    6 minute read Have you outgrown QuickBooks? Thinking of jumping on the Dynamics GP/SL bandwagon or performing an upgrade? Are there other accounting software solutions you should consider? Why do they give you more buns than hot dogs in a pack? Let’s figure it all out together!Read More >>