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  • The Perpetual Pivot: Getting Comfortable with Crisis

  • Digital Transformation

    Hot Take: Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Investments Largely Immune to COVID-19 Cost-Cutting

  • Remote Work Models

    Remote Work: 4 Tech Models

  • Data and analytics

    Using BI & AI to Get the Most Out of Your Data

  • Office 365 Productivity

    5 Office 365 Tools That Boost Productivity

  • Custom Software Development

    Enterprise Software: Build vs. Buy 2020

  • Automation Puts the Human Back in Human Resources

  • From Spreadsheets to Advanced Reporting to Business Intelligence

  • Technology to Make us More Human

  • Data Storytelling

    Data Storytelling Inspires Action

  • Data_Story_Telling_Prequel

    Data Storytelling: The Prequel

  • Taming Legacy Platform Terror