Mentoring Young Professionals Through Pandemic 

Our professional lives look a lot different than they did 6 months ago. Mid-career disruption is certainly challenging, but imagine global pandemic disrupting your career before it even gets off the ground. College students and recent graduates all across the country are grappling with exactly that reality. No more job fairs. Summer internships either canceled or moved online. It’s hard enough to compete in a contracting job market, and now young professionals must sell themselves via Zoom interviews.  

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Citizen Developers Solve Problems & Streamline Processes: Low-Code/No-Code Systems

Could your new superstar software developer already be on payroll? The cloud-enabled, low-code/no-code platforms your business uses every day make it increasingly likely. People are natural problem solvers. They know the kinks in their workflows, the inefficiencies in their processes. Most of your employees may not know how to write code, but if you give them intuitive, visual process-driven development tools, they will put them to work. It will be a boon to your business, but only if you make the necessary investment.

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