Change Management

Change Management: Planning for Successful Change

You know organizational change is challenging. I’ll spare you the gloom and doom change management statistics because: (A) The claim that 70% of organizational change initiatives fail has been widely discredited. (B) Constantly harping about how hard change is just becomes “a toxic self-fulfilling prophecy.” Change may not be easy, but it is the one…

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Climbing Your Adoption Everest

Enterprise adoption problems are frustrating – and common. Our Chief Delivery Officer Carrie Schuckle has been overseeing development projects from beginning to end for 20 years. She’s well-acquainted with the usual stumbling blocks. “The technology may present challenges to overcome, but the adoption phase is usually the toughest. It’s what makes or breaks a project,” Carrie warns.

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Strategic IT Partner Selection

Specialized know-how is a good thing; it’s what makes your company valuable. You focus on what you do best and deliver that superior service to your clients. But when you don’t have the in-house expertise you need, that’s when panic can set in, especially when you’re staring down the barrel of a high-stakes IT project.

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