WAE is about lifting the global workforce to fulfill human potential. Today, our “always-on” lifestyles, hyper-connectivity, and legacy work mindsets have buried humans in data and burdened us with tasks. Under this weight of mundane work and faster business cycles, businesses are losing their most valuable asset—their humanity—to technology. Humans unburdened are creatures of innovation and productivity; manual and mundane work turns humans into robots.

WAE is a framework for Workforce Transformation. It matches humans and digital assistants to empower each. WAE reimagines legacy structures of work and injects digital workers to perform highly repetitive, digital tasks in a measurable, verifiable way. While digital workers handle the mundane but necessary tasks, WAE enables humans to ascend to an Innovation Existence focusing on value-driven activities where business can differentiate and thrive through their human capital. By implementing the WAE Framework, businesses can solve complex problems, increase innovation, and enrich the lives of humans.

With the WAE Framework, businesses solve complex problems, increase innovation, and enrich the lives of humans.

The WAE Framework is a proprietary four-phase approach focusing on people, tasks and processes.


WAE starts with building empathy. It examines business processes to discover which tasks should be amplified with the human, and which tasks can be delegated to a digital assistant. During this process, we uncover the human value in each task to see how that task can be amplified once the mundane, repetitive functions are automated.​ 


Next, WAE digs into the tasks down to the click level and look for opportunities to implement digital assistants to help with the task or totally take it over. Through this process, WAE enables people to understand what they are doing and more importantly WHY they are doing it.​ WAE next determines HOW to empower the human through a digital assistantfreeing the humans for higherlevel strategic thinking or innovation.  


Trained professionals build digital teammates to complement human teams. Through this implementation there will be training, adoption coaching, and refining the interplay between human and digital assistant to achieve optimal performance. This allows people in the workforce to reframe their work to add uniquely human value. 


During Verification, WAE actualizes the impact of the framework, the digital assistant, and the human engagement. Measurement during this phase is critical to help show business returns and alignment to roadmap. WAE is about enabling humans and leverages the most human thing to spread the success: storytelling. This story will be shared across the organization to inspire others to rethink their workforce.

The WAE Framework is humans and businesses reaching their full potential. It is workplace enlightenment and empowerment through a rediscovery of what makes us most human.

What makes the WAE Framework unique?

Too often, conversations of automation, reskilling people, and the imperative of innovation culture to solve complex global problems are three separate discussions. With WAE, these conversations are seamlessly integrated to achieve optimal business and human success. WAE is digital transformation with workforce transformation. The WAE Framework achieves a human-centric advancement of business and technology.

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