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The best IT strategies are built using data, not intuition. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.
Our assessments use robust analytic engines to build reports that help IT teams and Tech Leaders
make critical, data-driven decisions and provide action plans to immediately act upon going forward.
Then, use the same diagnostic tool periodically in order to actually measure progress
and stay ahead on improving & communicating your IT performance gains over time.

Quick & Simple Implementation…
Valuable Insights, Over & Over Again.

Ask the
Right Questions

Use our low-effort surveys
to get the data you need from
stakeholders across the

Use Our
Diagnostic Engine

Our diagnostic engine, powered by
Info-Tech, does all the heavy lifting
and analysis, turning your data into
usable information.

& Take Action

Impress your executives with
Boardroom-ready Reports and the
incredible Business Lens Analyst
insights you’ve uncovered.
Then, get to action: make IT better.

Follow Our Systematic and Process-Driven Formula
for Measurable Improvement.

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CIO Business Vision

Stake holder management is a critical aspect
of running a successful IT department.

Business Lens CIO Business Vision program is a low effort, high impact program that will
give you detailed report cards on the organization’s satisfaction with IT’s core services.

Use these insights to understand your key business stakeholders, find out what is
important to them, and improve your interactions.

Benefits of CIO Business Vision

  • Key Stakeholders: Find out the needs of your key stakeholders,
    improve your stakeholder management
  • Credibility: Move beyond opinion and get back to facts, build autonomy
  • Improve: You can’t manage what you can’t measure, stop flying blind
  • Focus: Find out what is important to the business,
    get the most value out of resources

CIO-CEO Alignment

Satisfy your most important stakeholder — the CEO

For decades, IT-business alignment has been touted as the next dimension of
effective IT. Yet many CIOs are still without the tools they need to understand
and support business priorities.

Decipher business needs by understanding the CEO’s perspective. Automate
IT-business alignment so IT can operate effectively and generate tangible value
for your business.

Benefits of CIO-CEO Alignment

  • Filter through the alignment jargon by asking the right questions
  • Get a comprehensive look into the business from your CEO’s perspective
  • Determine how IT can best support your business’s top priorities
  • Address gaps by understanding the differences between you and your CEO
  • Stay on track with your CEO’s vision for the future of your business
  • Invest in technologies that suit business needs
  • use the right indicators and metrics to evaluate your IT department
  • Deliver results in a way that allows your CEO to recognize IT progress

IT Management &

Understand Your IT Departments Strengths & Weaknesses

Complete the Diagnostic program to get the data you need to start your process
improvement journey. You will get a customized report highlighting your organization’s
most pressing IT process needs. Be sure that you have clear ownership and accountability
for all critical IT functions.

Benefits of IT Management & Governance

  • Create map of process landscape. Provides a tool to assess department strengths
    and weaknesses.
  • Highlight and assign accountabilities. Ensures clear ownership and accountability for
    all critical IT functions. Improve operations within IT by re-allocating resources.
  • Provides IT leadership with exercise and graphical report for next IT leadership meeting.
    Builds alignment around most important IT management priorities.
  • Explore and refine each process. Provides systematic and comprehensive set of
    methodologies to train leadership and improve the most important core processes.
  • Create internal benchmark on process performance to build or support an IT strategy.

IT Staffing Assessment

Make IT a corporate powerhouse by improving your
ability to grow, deploy, and manage your team.

Systematically collect feedback from your own IT staff about their actual job focus and use
of time, so you can focus on improving the right things.

Our comprehensive report shows you exactly where IT staff time is going and whether or not
it’s effectively driving results. Communicate how IT staff support the business and use included
feedback from your staff to guide improvement exercises.

Benefits of IT Staffing Assessment

  • Visualize what IT staff are working on
  • Evaluate 20 IT functions across 9 areas of IT
  • Determine if IT is allocating resources appropriately
  • Understand IT effort by activity type
  • Evaluate 10 activity types ranging from improvement to Maintenance
  • Use staff feedback to free up more time for improvement initiatives
  • Evaluate each IT function
  • A comprehensive scorecard for all 20 functions
  • Determine which drivers you need to improve

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