Chief Innovation Officer

Tim Kulp

Tim Kulp is the Chief Innovation Officer at Mind Over Machines. He’s trying to change the world. His mission: Stop the automation apocalypse by empowering humans. With years on the front lines of automation, Tim leads workers and business leaders to realize the potential of a human + machine future instead of the human v. machine future.

Kulp’s publications range from technical (MSDN Magazine, 2600 Magazine) to business strategy (Forbes, Along with writing, he is a frequent presenter in the Mid-Atlantic region. Tim has lectured on how AI is changing the workforce and the world at world-leading institutions (Johns Hopkins University), national conferences (ASAE, MTFoundations), and government economic policy institutions (US Federal Reserve).

Kulp holds a BA in Religious Studies from McDaniel College, an M.S. in Applied Information Technology from Towson University, and a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Information Security, also from Towson. He is a member of the Forbes Tech Council.

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