You won’t be building buildings,
but you’ll be building!

As a Solutions Architect, you will provide technical leadership for a team of consultants in the design and development of solutions for our clients. You will determine comprehensive technical requirements, with respect to infrastructure, hardware, internal development, integration of new or existing tools, and more. Partnering with a Project Manager, you’ll advise clients and encourage open dialogue and collaboration.

This role requires extensive experience in architecting and deploying web-based and web-enabled business applications. You must possess hands-on experience in developing and deploying distributed architectures and platforms, creating benchmark tests, designing for scalability and performance, and implementation for custom applications, CRM, Business Intelligence, and cloud solutions and services.

Those adept at balancing business need and software development best practices in equal measure will find success. Your team may be as large as six, or as small as just you. Either way, a love of hands-on development, collaboration, and constant learning is a must. Those that are willing to step outside the bounds of traditional development, and embrace SaaS solutions, development libraries, and enterprise platforms will have a competitive advantage… just like Mind Over Machines!


  • Hands-on experience in Object-Oriented Design (OOD), Unified Modeling Language (UML), stateless distributed architectures, and designing for scalability and performance
  • Knowledge of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), its principles, and patterns at enterprise level
  • Experience in data modeling techniques and knowledge and applicability of various normal forms
  • Experience and knowledge of multi-tier and cross-platform architectures
  • Experience with architecting enterprise solutions based on REST web services
  • Experience in developing IT architecture plans and software development methodologies
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of .NET Framework development techniques
  • Working knowledge of web-based technologies: HTTP, HTML5, ASP.NET MVC


  • Leadership skills to indirectly lead cross-functional teams towards common solutions
  • Desire to take the initiative, moving projects/ideas forward with clarity
  • Experience with MV* frameworks like Angular, Ionic, and Knockout
  • Data Warehousing and Master Data Management
  • Messaging architectures SOAP and REST with JSON text encoding
  • Usage of automated build and/or unit testing and integration systems
  • Excellent communication, presentation, influencing, and reasoning skills to earn support of business leaders, technology leaders, colleagues, and vendor representatives.
  • Experience with Microsoft frameworks, with extensive knowledge of technical design patterns and anti-patterns
  • Capable of building sustainable relationships with colleagues and key stakeholders
  • Creativity and ability to think outside-the-box while defining sound and practical solutions
  • Adept negotiation skills in high-pressure situations


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