Low-code Webinar

Innovation's Edge: The Rise of the Citizen Developers

Changing the Way You Work


Tech innovation has given employees powerful tools to swiftly streamline their processes. Specifically, low-code and no-code software have enabled the emergence of so-called Citizen Developers who can create their own automated workflows to solve business problems themselves, independent of IT. Watch this webinar and learn how nurturing and managing Citizen Developers can benefit your business.

RUNTIME: 34:25


  • Identify Citizen Developers
  • Discover how cloud computing is enabling Citizen Developers to do more without IT
  • Learn how to incorporate organizational changes, policies, and procedures to avoid shadow IT and leverage the Citizen Developer trend to build IT’s brand in your organization

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between Citizen Developers and shadow IT
  • Understand the benefits and challenges of Citizen Developers
  • Create your own Citizen Developer program
  • Explore different models of Citizen Developer teams
  • Implement your new playbook to plan your Citizen Developer path


Tim Kulp

Tim Kulp took an unconventional path to his tech career, so it makes sense that his tech career is anything but conventional. Tim has always been captivated by what makes us uniquely human: art, religion, storytelling. Now, whether working with startups, global brands, advertisers or healthcare providers, he pushes clients to find the technology that makes them more creative, more productive, more human. As our VP of Innovation & Strategy, he’s known throughout the Mid-Atlantic as the guy who makes tech people-centric.

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