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When embarking on an automation journey, choosing the first process to automate can determine the course and success of your entire automation undertaking.

In just 5–10 minutes, identify processes in your organization that can be automated with the Automation Suitability Calculator.

  • Understand the best processes for automation in your organization
  • Easily plugin your process details for quick reports
  • Identify the best place to start for quick ROI

Immediate Results

Personalized Report

After entering a process in the calculator, you will receive an immediate evaluation of where your process falls on the scale of automation readiness. You will also receive an email with a link to the in-depth personalized report.

Automation Suitability Calculator

Quickly identify processes within your organization that can be automated with this free tool.

You can accurately assess the complexity of a single process you may be considering and immediately view a report with specific metrics you might expect as a part of your personalized Process Assessment Report.

We all know that a process is a set of interrelated or interacting activities that transforms inputs into outputs. But let’s break that down. In order to understand if a process is right for automation, it must be documented as-is down to the click level.

Think of a process at your company or organization that could benefit from automation.

These are usually tasks that are highly repetitive, like invoicing or claims processing. To begin, you will ideally want to find a process without heavy investment or long-term change management operations, which is what we call High Automation Potential.


High Automation Potential means that you have identified an excellent process to consider for automation. The process you outlined has the initial attributes considered as ideal for an automation effort. Automating a process like this with tools like RPA can offer a big return without heavy investment or long-term change management operations.


Medium Automation Potential means you have identified a process that may not be able to be fully automated—but would be a good candidate for automation working together with a human. The process is mostly stable, input is a mix of digital and analog, and would involve the human and digital assistant to work together to complete complex processes.


Processes with Low Automation Potential means you have identified a complex process that may not be suitable for automation. The process is highly manual and variable and would likely need a heavy investment and need process re-engineering prior to automation. This doesn’t mean automation is off the table, but this process will not be the best place to start.

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