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Unleash the Power of AI with HumanAI Pathways:

  • Reduce Risk and Accelerate Your AI Journey
  • Gain Valuable Insights and Actionable Recommendations through Innovative AI Design Thinking Sessions
  • Empower your Workforce through Tailored AI Education Paths

Case Studies

Global NGO getting the right resources to the right crisis combining Human + AI Minds

“By improving the ability to get the right people on the ground at the right time, the NGO can save more lives.”

Global medical provider needed faster processing, simplified storytelling

Mind Over Machines helped the medical provider better understand their users leading to enhanced customer experience and further innovation.

Mid-Atlantic Medical partner empowers RPA with computer vision

MOM’s solution lead to increased efficiency and enhanced employee experience.

Rapid prototyping curriculum at the speed of AI

AI allowed Mind Over Machines to adapt to the needs of their students in real time resulting in a cutting edge education experience that was unique to the needs to that cohort.

Discovering donor behaviors to improve engagement & retention

Leveraging AI allows non-profits to increase donor retention and enhance donor relations.

Meeting You Where You Are in Your AI Journey

What is AI?

Are you ready to join the future? AI is revolutionizing how industries operate and can be a game-changer for your business. In this video, we explore what AI is and the ways that AI is already transforming society and the workforce at large. Don't get left behind – click play to discover the power of AI!

What Role Does AI Play in Business?

In this video, we'll give you a comprehensive overview of the impact Artificial Intelligence is having in all aspects of business today. From cutting costs to improving customer service, AI is making a remarkable difference. Learn how companies are using AI to make smarter decisions, unlock more efficient processes, and stay ahead of the competition. Get ready to discover the incredible power of AI and its potential to completely revolutionize your business!

What is HumanAI Pathways?

Get to know HumanAI Pathways and how it can help your business accelerate its AI journey! With best practices from experienced professionals in the industry, you can reduce risk while unlocking the potential of AI within your organization. Watch now to discover how HumanAI Pathways is making an impact in the world of AI and giving businesses a competitive advantage!

What is the AI Accelerator?

Are you looking to accelerate your AI journey? In this video, we provide a brief overview of our AI Accelerator tool and the results it can produce for your organization. Our team of experts will work with you to gain insights into your current stage of your AI journey and what next steps should be taken to move forward. Watch now to learn more about the power of the AI Accelerator!

Reduce Risk, Accelerate Your AI Journey


Unlock your AI potential by envisioning possibilities. We learn about your business and map actions to further your AI journey. We’ll share AI use cases that can help reveal your AI future.


Supercharge your business and workforce. Set the foundation for your AI journey through upskilling and innovation workshops, and explore potential AI projects that support your vision.


Turn your AI vision into reality. As your AI journey progresses, this phase focuses on implementing your AI projects in an ethical way that mitigates risk while optimizing your ROI.

Reduce Risk, Accelerate Your AI Journey

Envision > Engage > Enable

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