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Ready to make tech work for you?

Are you sick of IT systems dictating how your department operates? Feel like you’re drowning in spreadsheets and overseeing a team of humans forced to work like robots? Well, Moses, it’s time to liberate your people from the tedious data entry and manipulation that is sapping their creativity.

Your Executive Sponsor has selected your unit to pioneer digital process automation. Mind Over Machines will guide your journey, walking alongside you every step of the way. Together, the lessons we learn will create and inform your company’s Automation Center of Excellence (CoE).

It’s happening in your department!

94% of workers say they perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks in their role, and 65% of knowledge workers are less stressed at work because they automate manual tasks.


Financial units are often chosen to lead the automation charge because they have many high-volume, repetitive, rule-based processes. If you fit that bill, perhaps you sat in on the Executive Sponsor’s first meeting with Mind Over Machines. That is where your company’s Automation Playbook begins to take form. Our consultants learn about your enterprise-level strategic objectives and metrics, budget process and org chart. Depending on how hands-on your C-level sponsor is, they may have ideas about which processes would make good automation pilots. But that process inventory is generally left to you and your team.


Now’s the time to take a look under the hood at your business processes. Your Mind Over Machines process specialist will explain what a business process is and the level of detail we need. When we next meet, you and your team should be ready to show our consultants 4-6 processes you deem ripe for automation.

When considering business processes for automation, think about which problems could be solved and opportunities created. You are leading a company wide cultural shift. Find automations that elicit such huge payoffs they make other departments jealous. Everyone will want in on the automation action.


Ready for process documentation? Our analyst will watch closely as your business process owner runs 5 records (orders, invoices, claims, whatever they are). Then, they will run 5 more. This time, the analyst asks all kinds of Why? and What if? questions throughout. We will also record frequency and duration of each proposed process to build the business case for automation.

From our copious notes and recordings, we will determine automation solutions with cost estimates and plot a roadmap, sequencing the processes into successive implementation waves. We will bring the plan back to you for verification. When you’re comfortable, we will submit this Statement of Work to the Executive Sponsor for approval, and then the real work starts.

Together, we will optimize each business process before we build and implement their automations.

Spoiler Alert: Process re-engineering can take longer than automation, but it is important. You don’t want to automate inefficient processes; that’s just doing dumb things faster.

Throughout each automation wave, prepare to be laser-focused on results metrics. We are building a motivational story to share with the rest of the enterprise. They need to see how much time and money is saved with each implementation. What opportunities are opening up and how are humans adding value? We document qualitative and quantitative ROI to illustrate the art of the possible.

Center of Excellence Creation & Evolution:

Your Role

The CoE is both a strategic and tactical body. It champions and implements automations across the enterprise. Over the course of your automation journey, its composition will transform from largely Mind Over Machines consultants to in-house, homegrown talent. Our proven mentoring program builds the skills and confidence of your business and IT staff until your CoE achieves self-sufficiency. We’re always here if you need us, but the end goal is independence.

The CoE has 5 responsibilities:

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Your CoE Responsibilities

As Team Lead, you are heading up the CoE’s first Project Team.
Downside: You’re the guinea pig.
Upside: You get to lean heavy on Mind Over Machines expertise.

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