Workforce Ascension

Through adoption coaching and process re-engineering, we enhance your workforce so your teams excel and use their time more strategically. No more hours wasted on manual tasks. Instead, unlock the creativity and innovation of your people.

We are committed to helping you work smarter because working smarter enriches lives. Humans weren’t meant for mindless data entry. We make lousy robots. People need to be free to relate, create and innovate. Technology should augment humans, both their productivity and creativity.

Workforce Ascension and Enhancement

Workforce Ascension and Enhancement (WAE) is Mind Over Machines’ proprietary 4-phase framework for helping companies determine and develop their human value in the marketplace. We identify tasks that can be delegated to digital assistants and then design and implement those assistants. Throughout change management, training and adoption coaching, we refine the interplay between humans and digital assistants to optimize performance and liberate your people to create new value.

Upskilling is a big part of workforce enhancement in our increasingly AI-driven economy. Some employees will readily embrace the opportunity to be more human; others will need help navigating their new-found freedom. Education and strength development are key to keeping employees engaged and productive as the nature of work changes and your company grows to reach its new potential.

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